Analyze the big cup ball in Europe The giant team in England will see something.

In the UEFA Champions League season 2018-2019, it has reached the round of 16 teams last. Calling online fans would probably have a chance to win at the same time. Online Who came to put the ball live, placed แทงบอลออนไลน์ the ball, placed the ball at every match during the past But in this article, we will analyze that Big team in England The finalists were all 4 teams, namely Red Swan, Red Devils, Golden Spikes Chicken and Blue Sailing Boat. We will see what each of these teams will encounter during the remaining time.

    Believe that the 4 elite clubs in the city must not meet themselves in the last 16 rounds according to UEFA rules. And it must be as we have predicted that we should meet the champion team, such as the yellow tiger, dot moon, or that it will be the team that throw away like Bazaar from Spain or will be the PIA team Sal From France Or whether it is a porto from Portugal or that it is a way from Munich to Germany And then the Juventus team from Italy

    But if it is a minor league team, the Adarea Madrid team from Spain, the youth team 04 from Germany Or whether to be a team from Ajax Amsterdam From allland And then became the Lyon Olympic team from France The Wolf team of Rome Roma from Italy, the Red Devils team, Manchester Yunet from England

    This is the lottery in the last 16 teams in the UEFA. Champions League season 2018-2019, according to the rules, must be a group championship team that does not have to meet other championship teams. Including not having to meet the team in the same group before In the group stage Then came from the same country club That would mean that the Hong Kong Red Team, the Red Devils, the Red Devils, Manchester United, the Blue Sailing Team, Manchester City and the Spurs

Will not have to meet each other in this knock-out round. Will be arranged as a team And then after 8 other teams in the group championship Will not be placed as a team In the first game, there will be a competition that takes place on the 12th and 13th of February 2019. It can be called this year. Online footballers who like to put the ball together inOnline แทงบอลออนไลน์ There will be another battle for the big cup of Europe to be analyzed, fun and absolutely satisfied.