Posted on April 23, 2019 by aeulggg44bonli 3 Dortmund’s best players who have been fond of online football.

   Football แทงบอลออนไลน์ articles now, we will take you all to the Dortmund Tigers Yellow Army, which we have selected a list of players that can be called in the past. These players are considered to be the best of the Yellow Tigers ever and have become a favorite of the leg. Online Who entered the Dortmund football team Don’t wait, we go to follow

    We started at the quarterback like Mathias Interactive, who now referred to the football team with the Gribba team. I must say that this is a versatile player. He can play in a variety of positions. There are both receivers in the middle, but the dominant feature is the center back. The Yellow Tiger army sells this player in the previous season. Let go with a value that is not less than 17 million pounds, then when this season, referred to the work is quite good. Because the team is the third team at this time, and also the national team has already completed.

    From the line of players to get together at the center of the region, we picked up as Yu Kukkundo. Now, he entered the football in the English Premier League team with the blue Manchester City called that episode. With the Yellow Panther, is considered one of the most outstanding players, and he is also considered the champion of Klopp’s team. He then moved to Man City in 2016 with a fee. Body 20 million pounds, which is the excellence of this midfielder That is, even though he is constantly stabbed in Punjab Can be called to disappear often. But every time he comes back, the standard never falls apart. Can be called a good form at all But if you say The form will be more brutal if he is not injured.

  Another player แทงบอลออนไลน์ in the midfield that we see as the best that the Yellow Tigers have in the past is Thomas Rosicky, because this is another legend of the Czech national team. And then another player that the big guns fans would rather love him so much, but before moving to live with the big guns, the Yellow Tiger army was very well informed. This is a team that he has produced very well, because in 2002 he also took the Yellow Tiger team to win the Bundesliga as well, also reaching the UEFA Cup finals. All players who are the top players Online The yellow tiger army that we have chosen